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The 2016/2017 Leaf Season

        Leaf Season has come to a close!  This year, Leaf Season ended on January 27th, 2017.  

If you have leaves that you need to dispose of, you may: 

-Bag your leaves in brown biodegradable bags and place them out for collection with your garbage.  The Department of Sanitation and Environmental Services will pick them up during your regularly scheduled trash pickup.   

 -Compost your leaves.  You can collect your own leaves and place them in your own compost bin.  If you collect your leaves for personal composting, please be sure to rotate them regularly along with your other organic yard waste.  If you choose to compost, by next spring, you will have free and healthy compost to use in your garden and landscaping.

-Mowing over your leaves.  Running over your leaves with your lawn mower will save you the time and effort of raking, and will allow the chopped leaves to decompose directly where they fall in your lawn, enriching the soil.  Please be aware that if you choose the mowing method of leaf disposal, it is imperative that you mow the leaves as fine as possible.  Sometimes this requires mowing the leaves at least 3-4 times.  Being thorough will ensure that your existing grass is not packed down under a "leaf-mat".  Also, this method can be a dusty job, but the reward is that once you are done, you do not have to do anything else to your leaves to turn them into compost.  Nature will take care of the rest of the work!

Please be courteous to your neighbors' and choose a method that best suits your needs while keeping in mind that your neighbor might have other ideas about what is best.  The need to spring-clean your neighborhood for errant leaves and sticks could be a wonderful opportunity to organize a neighborhood "clean-up day" or "leaf-raking" social gathering.  Remember too that older citizens sometimes live right next door and might need some help with their leaves.  (The City does all we can to help, but sometimes we are not always able to meet the labor-needs of our older citizens.  Any help you can provide would be very appreciated by the City.)

Please note that if you currently pay for private lawn service, your provider MUST remove your yard waste.   Whether you or a lawn service provider is taking care of your lawn, it is NEVER acceptable to place leaves into a storm drain, culvert, or any other stormwater structure.  REMEMBER: the stormdrains run to the river.  Only RAIN goes down the Drain!

As a reminder, if you have any questions about leaf removal procedures, please see City of Franklin Leaf Removal Options for more information or you may call us anytime at 615-791-3254.


It's Construction Season!

        As of January 2, 2016 construction permits were once again being issued to allow Contractors to resume construction activities in the Cool Springs shopping area.  If you see construction signs in the area, please use caution while driving or walking in construction zones.

 For more information about the CIP projects underway along Gillespie Drive, Carothers Parkway, and Meridian Boulevard, please see the Engineering departments' web page.