Sustainability Commission

The City of Franklin has nine volunteers to serve as Commissioner’s on the city’s first Sustainability commission. The Commission will serve as a policy advisory board to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen in the development and initiation of programs that will enhance and promote economic development environmental health and social equity within our community for present and future generations.

The City of Franklin has a Principal Planner who serves as the liason to this commission.   For questions concerns or comments please contact Andrew Orr at

The nine members are:



LK Browning (Chair)

Ken Scalf     

 Micah Wood                    

Bob Moreo                                               

Nancy Whittemore                                                   

Karina Young                                                  

Matthew Bean (Middle TN Electric)                    

Alderman Mike Skinner (BOMA Rep)

Miles Mennell
(Franklin Tomorrow) Co-terminus