Building and Street Standards Board of Appeals


The Building and Streets Standards Board of Appeals is a technical body established to hear and decide appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the Building Official, Fire Code Official, and City Engineering relating to the application and interpretation of the technical provisions of adopted building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas, property maintenance, fire and life safety codes for both residential and commercial properties and buildings or structures, appurtenances connected or attached to such buildings or structures, and the transportation and street standards as adopted by the City of Franklin, Tennessee.

The Franklin Building and Street Standards Board of Appeals meets in regular session on the first Tuesday of each quarter at 5 PM in the City Hall Boardroom. See the Building and Street Standards Board of Appeals application below for instructions on the appeal process. 

  Application for Appeal 

Board Members

Ron Crutcher (Chair) - Civil Engineer                             Tony Montiel - Civil Engineer
Gary Vogrin (Vice-Chair) - Landscape Architect  Greg Judy - Civil Engineer (Traffic)
Billy Robbins - Electrical Contractor Lance Maliszewski - Plumbing Contractor
Harry Harris - Architect Larry Webb - Firefighting and Emergency Management Professional
Sara Salge -  Mechanical Engineer

 Staff Contact:

Rebecca Bonnifield
Building and Neighborhood Services